Intercultural Communication for Virtual and Live Teams

So now you know more about who you are culturally and how to see and build on the cultural insights from your team members. Does that mean you have to spend all your time figuring out and adjusting to everyone’s differences?


Not if you want to get any work done!


In Part 3 of our series: Intercultural communication for virtual and live teams “Setting and building your desired company culture”, you will learn how to create an organizational culture that embodies your deepest values and can be experienced by all employees no matter what culture they are from. It’s all about knowing what you want, setting clear expectations and responding to input along the way.

Upcoming Seminar

  • Scripts and Questions Framework for Solving Intercultural Team Problems,

    March 28,  at 10:00 am

Past Seminars

  • You in Culture at Work, January 10,  at 10:00 am

  • Discovering Culture in Others and Why It Matters in the Workplace, January 31,  at 10:00 am

Time zone: Mountain Time (US & Canada)


February 28, 10:00 am

Part 3 : Setting and Building your Desired Company Culture

You will learn to: 

  • Participate in a values identification process to name what is most important to you in your organizational culture or in how you want your team to “be”.

  • Discover how to use the question “What do I need to feel safe…” to build substance around the values you want to see and experience

  • Use a list of critical questions and sentence starters for getting to the experiences of your team and using them to anchor company values

  • Practice using a “clear expectations” checklist to ensure you have shared understanding on critical issues

In this session you will discover how to use the four learnings to create a climate of community belonging and commitment. Specific strategies to use in both live and virtual settings will be provided.


Is this something you could use - say - for the rest of your life? You bet!


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Meet The Seminar Presenter

Marie Gervais, PhD., CEO @Shift Management

Marie provides managerial training and career capacity development to business and industry through online courses and coaching. She helps individuals and organizations build talent for leadership and intercultural communication with a particular emphasis on integration and inclusion of the diverse workforce and internationally trained professionals. Check out Marie’s podcast Culture and Leadership Connections on iTunes, Sticher, BuzzSprout and SoundCloud to find out more about leadership and all things cultural.