Bite-sized content for busy managers

Build your people skills

Imagine your workday with these management skills at your fingertips...

  • Manage and communicate effectively with your boss

  • Correctly diagnose performance problems

  • Solve issues in a timely manner

  • Increase team productivity and meet business objectives

  • Build a team of excellence

  • Motivate your team members

  • Deal with a variety of personalities and behaviors

  • Provide proper feedback

  • Deal with workplace conflict

  • Gain your team's trust

Does this sound like the kind of leader you wanted to be?

Good. Because you CAN LEARN to be like one.

Bite-sized content for busy managers

Here's why managers love this course...

  • Bite-sized Content

    Because sometimes you cam simply squeeze in 15 minutes of daily training in your busy schedule

  • Multifaceted Training

    Because there's more than one approach to growing your leadership skills

  • Your Personal Leadership Library

    Get the next management episode on demand just like your favorite TV show

  • Downloadable Tools & Helpful Examples

    So you have the right tool for management occasion

The mobile training was different from what we have had in the past. Managers liked it because it was a short regular chunk to learn each day.


Each manager learned differently and applied the training differently, but both the content and the format contributed to their success.

Thierry Pregliasco

McDonald's Restaurant Owner

I have learned so much from the QuickStudy Manager Builder courses, not just professionally but personally as well. I surprised myself: I thought I wasn't the online type!"

Sandy Love

People Manager, McDonald's

My name is Marie Gervais

and I'm the CEO of Shift Management Inc.

Throughout my life, something that has always really bothered me is how unhappy many people are at work


After thinking about the issue, it occurred to me that very few people at the front or middle management level actually get the kind of tools, resources and training THEY NEED TO LEAD


How can you resource your team if you yourself 

don’t have the necessary resources?


In 2008, I started a company to focus specifically on that middle spot where employees who are good at operations are promoted to management. 


The Quickstudy Manager Builder focuses on the people side of management, particularly leadership,  communication, conflict resolution and intercultural relations.


Access the course now and you'll also get a BONUS COURSE - "Effective Meetings to bring out the talents of your team"


Choose to take charge of your


Quickstudy Manager Builder is for you if:

  • You are a busy supervisor or manager who needs fast professional development

  • You are an aspiring leader seeking a knowledge advantage

  • Long-term courses are difficult to fit into your schedule

  • You like working in bursts, small chunks or on time-bound projects

  • You want to be reminded about a theme a little each day

  • You have a specific people management issue you need new skills to solve

  • You are a self-starter



- Four Modules plus BONUS Course "Effective Meetings" -

Module 1: Manage Up

Module 2: Lead for Results

Module 3: Motivate, Coach, and Align

Module 4: Build Teams

Module 5: Timely Response

BONUS Course "Effective Meetings"

Session 1: "Effective Meetings Overview" topics are:

Session 2: "Effective Meetings Must-Haves" topics are:

Session 3: "Use Your Team Talents, Now" topics are:

Session 4: "Managing Difficult People in Meetings" topics are:

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