Supervisory Leadership

Certificate Course

with Expert Coach Marie Gervais, PHD


I found this course to be useful for both new and experienced managers and leaders. This course covers information that is typically overlooked in a work place and helps understand the relationship between team members and their supervisor. The questions and assignments are designed in a way to get one thinking about their daily actions. I both enjoyed this course and found it useful and organized to go back and remind myself of some of the points mentioned.

Vahid Rashidi

Engineer, City of Edmonton

I want to thank you for your excellent course on Supervisory Leadership. I specifically appreciated your coaching sessions and the skills I obtained to address several challenges in my workplace. I am implementing your techniques with terrific results. When I feel I need a boost, I am glad to know I can log back in and review a session to refresh and recalibrate my direction. Thank you for your guidance and support!

Beth Welmaker

Director of Environmental Health and Safety, Nova Univeristy

I was skeptical before starting this course, but I found all the sessions useful to my job and to improving my leadership skills.


There are good tips, and practical strategies to help you improve which have been positive for me.


I would say my supervisory skills have improved, particularly from reflecting on the exercises and implementing the goals to my job.

David Rivers

HSE Manager, US Trinidad Drilling

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