Operations people promoted to supervisory positions are notoriously bad at leading their teams.


When supervisors are expected to "learn on the job" they default to the way they were treated, or develop habits that make you cringe.


To be an effective supervisor, you need to transition from being good at your job to be resourcing your team to be good at their jobs.


If you don't learn anything new, you will get the same results you have now!

People management training for supervisors and team leaders

Be a better boss!

Imagine doing all these with confidence...

  • Know and leverage your unique leadership skills - with self-awareness tools

  • Increase team member responsibility and accountability - through targeted communication

  • Deal effectively with workplace conflicts - using time-tested strategies

Does this sound like the kind of supervisor you wanted to be?


Good. You have the capacity.

You just need the right keys to unlock it.


Shift Management's Supervisory Leadership Certificate Program is truly satisfying!

  • Realistic, targeted course content

  • Expert and responsive instruction

  • Supportive supervisory community conversations


Supervisory Leadership Certificate Program SO effective?

Because we have a winning combination of...

  • Optimized workplace learning based on how people actually learn at work

  • Use of REAL industry situations

  • Retain content with structured online programming

  • Access real instructors

  • Build community and group wisdom through guided group conversations

  • Remember and apply with reflection questions, self-assessments, surveys and quizzes

Imagine all potential you could unlock by learning to:

  • Understand yourself as a leader

  • Develop systems to save time, energy, and money

  • Build your team to their full potential

What you learn in your

Supervisory Leadership Course


  • Self-Awareness
  • Intention
  • Empathy


  • Prioritizing
  • Goal/outcome focus
  • Systematic reflection


  • Understanding personality
  • Communication skill
  • Conflict resolution

Who am I and why did I create this course?

My name is Marie Gervais

and I'm the CEO of Shift Management Inc.

I am a learning professional with a PhD in culture and learning in the workplace. My own management experience has been with multicultural teams with up to 8 projects at a time, supervising between 5 and 35 team members per project, responsible for million dollar budgets, and responsible for keeping multiple stakeholders happy.


Since that position a number of years ago, I have worked with many industries and seen hundreds of supervisors and managers in industries like manufacturing, oil and gas, robotics, engineering, power, social work and not for profit sectors.


Something that has always really bothered me is how unhappy many people are at work


Mostly this is because so few people at the front or middle management level actually get the kind of tools, resources, and training they need to lead real human beings. They just don't have the understanding or strategies to work effectively with people!


How can you resource your team to do their job if you yourself don’t have the necessary skills to get them there?


In 2008, I started a company to focus specifically on that middle spot where those employees who are good at their jobs get promoted to management and need some targeted assistance with developing that new supervisory skill set.


My Supervisory Leadership Certificate course, is research-based and uses real industry examples as the foundation for the content. 


Access the course now and you'll also get a BONUS Leadership Video Series and eBook - "Working with Diverse Team"


Choose to take charge of your


I want to thank you for your excellent course on Supervisory Leadership. I specifically appreciated your coaching sessions and the skills I obtained to address several challenges in my workplace. I am implementing your techniques with terrific results. When I feel I need a boost, I am glad to know I can log back in and review a session to refresh and recalibrate my direction.


Thank you for your guidance and support!

Beth Welmaker

Director of Environmental Health and Safety, Nova University

I was skeptical before starting this course, but I found all the sessions useful to my job and to improving my leadership skills.


There are good tips, and practical strategies to help you improve which have been positive for me.


I would say my supervisory skills have improved, particularly from reflecting on the exercises and implementing the goals to my job.

David Rivers

HSE Manager, US Trinidad Drilling

I found this course to be useful for both new and experienced managers and leaders. This course covers information that is typically overlooked in a work place and helps understand the relationship between team members and their supervisor. The questions and assignments are designed in a way to get one thinking about their daily actions. I both enjoyed this course and found it useful and organized to go back and remind myself of some of the points mentioned.

Vahid Rashidi

Engineer, City of Edmonton


  • 14 week online program
  • 2 pre-course inventories and individual debrief session
  • 1 live launch web session to go over the program
  • 4 themes: Supervisory Basics/Leadership & Management/Team Building & Communication/Conflict Management
  • Online content available 24/7
  • 4 group coaching sessions
  • 4 workplace goals of your own choosing
  • Ongoing instructor support
  • Certificate in Supervisory Leadership upon completion of course requirements

How does it work?

  • How do I get my Supervisory Leadership Certificate?

    1. Complete the inventories and attend your debrief web session
    2. Attend all live sessions (if you miss one, watch the recording)
    3. Complete all online content exercises
    4. Create and implement one goal per session

  • What is the time commitment?

    25 hours total time over 16 weeks

    Approximately 1 hour a week


    1. Sign up for the course and send payment
    2. Get welcome email with inventory login details
    3. Complete online leadership inventories
    4. Choose calendar date for your individual debrief session so you understand your unique style
    5. Receive invitation for launch meeting and course schedule
    6. Attend launch meeting and meet your course colleagues


    1. Complete online course work for session 1 (one hour)
    2. Attend your live group coaching session 1 (90 minutes)
    3. Choose your goal, get feedback and start practicing it (5-15 minutes a day for 5 days)
    4. Repeat for each of the remaining three sessions with one catch up week in the middle and once catch up week at the end
    5. Upon completion of all requirement, receive your certificate!


- Four Management Themes plus BONUS Video Series -





Access the course now and you'll also get a BONUS Leadership Videos Series (some of the worst manager behaviour you will ever see and how to start fixing it!) and a BONUS mini-course "Leading effective meetings" with done-for-you downloadable resources.

Supervisory Leadership Training is for you if:

  • You can find a quiet space for an hour a week to devote to your course requirements

  • You want to build solid leadership foundation for your career

  • You want to find your own leadership style and blend between authority and support

  • You need insights for how to work more effectively with your team(s)

  • You have access to a laptop with camera and mic or phone/tablet

  • Workplace communication is something you are focused on improving

  • You are interested in preventing team conflict and solving issues with less stress

  • Your management supports you taking the course


Let's take a look at all the value and benefits you get from this amazing offer...

- Supervisory Leadership Certificate Course - online content alone -

(Valued at $2,995)

- Four group coaching sessions - usually reserved for high paying clients -

(Valued at $3,000)

- Assessment and personal debrief session -

(Valued at $349)

- Individualized ongoing instructor support -

(Valued at $500)


- Bad Boss to Good Boss instructional video series -

(Valued at $199)

- Effective Meetings mini course with done-for-you downloadable resources -

(Valued at $349)

TOTAL VALUE: $7,392!!!

You pay ONLY: $1,247 for ALL THIS!

Choose to take charge of your


N.B. Employer decision makers please contact marie@shiftworkplace.com to make group payment arrangements

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

I'm already so busy. How will I find time?

My life exhausts me, how will I get the energy for this course?

How will I stay motivated and encouraged?

How hard is this course?

I never liked school, so I'm worried I will feel the same way about this course...

What if I need my employer to pay for the course?

What if I have problems logging on or other tech issues?

What if English is not my first language, will that affect my ability to do the course?

Who do I contact about course questions?

Who sees the inventories and goals I set?

What if I don't finish the course?

If I am sick or on holidays during the course, how will that work?


There are no refunds for courses following payment. Courses can be kept in your profile as a credit to complete at a later date for up to two years after payment.


Individual online course transactions for all Shift Management courses are in US funds, as per online international common practice. Employers paying for groups discuss payment details with a Shift representative, and sign a contract specific to their company context. Email marie@shiftworkplace.com to set up a call to discuss this.


We guarantee our course results 100% when course content is completed, all application exercises and goals have been applied, and students have actively participated in live sessions. Shift Management courses are structured to improve your management/leadership skills - subject to course completion and application of concepts to your workplace. A student's lack of effort or random completion of course requirements are not the fault of the course or the instructor. If however a student completes all course requirements and does not see any results, it is possible to access a credit to an equivalent Shift Management course/coaching package or a comparable course with one of our affiliate partners. Contact marie@shiftworkplace.com for details.

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