From Tormentor to Mentor

Building a Psychologically Safe Workplace

Do you have the tools to transform a toxic workplace into a psychologically safe one?

Workplace psychological safety is the most pressing need

we have today.

Most of us feel powerless to  make any changes when faced with harassment, exclusion and bullying.  Even worse we don’t have a clear idea about how to create a healthy workplace or what behaviours indicate psychological work safety.

Let's fix that!

Our course teaches you how to prevent and address toxic, unhealthy behaviours and to intentionally build safe, inclusive workplaces.


Stop toxic workplaces development by understanding the early signs. Learn the tools to grow inclusive and psychologically safe workplaces.

Our course uses:

Practical examples

In-person interviews

Application exercises

Real incident videos

Course topics give you tools to understand and act effectively.

Themes are:

  • Workplace Harassment and Bullying: Legislation and definitions

  • Dealing with Workplace Bullying

  • Building Psychologically Safe Workplaces

  • Eliminating Workplace Violence

Learn to focus on the characteristics of workplace psychological safety using the S.W.E.L. model:


Safety. Well-being. Encouragement. Learning.  


Imagine the confidence and relief you will feel with these tools at your fingertips!  

For only $97 and three hours of your time, they are yours!

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